📨 Works with Gmail, Outlook,
Apple Mail, HEY, and more

Email editor for the modern web

Create pretty, responsive emails without the inconvenience of traditional email builders

Transactional. Marketing. Newsletters.

Designed to help you create all types of emails

A sample created with MailEd

Powerful and refreshing
email editing experience


Create anything from a welcome email to a 6000-word newsletter. MailEd is fast and responsive.

Opinionated styles

Designing emails is hard and time-consuming. MailEd takes away the pain by providing you with a set of opinionated styles.

Notion-like editing experience

You can now create emails with the same ease as you create documents in Notion. No more dragging components around.

More components
on the way


Color Palette



Column Layout

Take it for a spin

The editor is still in its early stages of development. If you're interested in trying it out, we have a demo version available for you to play around with.